pip install -U csreuter

A picture of me

I’m currently Head of Product Marketing at Resourcely. I like Maine (the US State), software & analytics, woodworking, hiking, travel, and spending time with my wife & dog.

  • Currently residing in Maine Boston Connecticut Maine DC Virginia
  • I grew up in Maine, which influences quite a bit of my life today
  • Get in touch via the links at the bottom

Resourcely 2024-Present

I joined Resourcely as lucky number 13. I’m responsible for marketing, from soup to nuts!

Prefect 2021-2024

I joined Prefect in late 2021 as Head of Growth and number 33, where I continued to learn about PLG, GTM models and company strategy. I started with a focus on growth marketing and demand generation, and ended being responsible for product marketing: positioning, messaging, and ICPs.

Tellius 2020-2021

I joined Tellius in early 2020 and was there for 18 months. I learned about GTM models, selling and sales process, and pivoting from sales-led to product-led.

IBM 2012-2020

I worked at IBM from 2012 until the end of 2019. I was involved in corporate finance, budgeting & planning for 2 years. I then transitioned into pricing roles, both strategic (for the Netezza acquisition) and transactional (ELA pricing). I then moved into GTM and sales roles.

Northeastern MBA, 2012: Finance

University of Maine BA, 2010: Financial Economics